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Delivering the Dough
Raise funds with our exclusive Fundraising Card program. It is easy and more profitable than most other fund raisers in town. Buy them from us for $1.00 each and sell them for $10.00 each. You make a $9.00 profit on each card sold! Start raising money quickly, and what better way to do it than with the best pizza company in Manatee County? We are willing to work with your organization, society, club, group, or school. It doesn't matter how many you purchase, however the more you sell the more money you raise. Everyone loves this program and you can get started today, just fill out the form below.  Start today and make your fund raising a whole lot easier! Join the number one fund raiser in town. Domino's Pizza is always caring for the community.

Local Support/Pizza Donations
Domino's Pizza is a proud supporter of the Manatee community and the surrounding area and is always open to considering various sponsorships or donations with the goal of making a lasting contribution to our local community. However, before committing to any involvement, we need to be comfortable that the sponsorship supports its business philosophy and provides a positive synergy between your organization and our community.

If your charitable organization or for-profit organization and would like to request a pizza donation for an upcoming event, please click below to email for more information. We welcome the opportunity to participate in community related programs, schools, and activities.


If we can't donate any pizzas to your event, we will be able to offer you our student/group discount that is valid at any of our locations in Manatee County.

Please note, it is at Domino's Pizza's discretion as to how/why it makes decisions whether to enter into a sponsorship agreement with particular parties. Though we try our best, compliance with the sponsorship guidelines does not automatically guarantee Dominos Pizza's commitment to a proposal. We will not sponsor: controversial, political, or a charity that is supported by another pizza company. We do require a reasonable notice between when the sponsorship request is submitted and when the date of the event is taking place.

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